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Kiwi based nutraceutical company Manuka Performance is undertaking a leading Sports Nutrition R&D project with the University of Otago & FoodSouth - New Zealand Food Innovation Network. Funded through Callaghan Innovation, the project looks to research the nutraceutical advantages and efficiencies of Manuka Honey when combined with other natural extracts to aid athletes' performance & recovery. Above: New flavour profile variants The project will further support and boost the known health benefits of Manuka Honey, and the athletic advantage honey provides athletes in general.  The research will enable Manuka Performance to continue developing new ranges of innovative Sports Nutrition and Health...

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Brad Wolfman Ramsey is a MMA fighter and Kickboxer fighting from Auckland, New Zealand. He specializes in nutrition and we are proud to share his insights and journey.


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We have had a few people asking if the Liquid Fuel is ok for kids to use before, during or after sports … the good news is YES!

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There are five factors you should take into consideration for refueling and recovering after your run

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Manuka Performance brings on globally recognized Sports Nutritionist and Dietitian Gavin Clearkin.

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