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Why honey is superior for Exercise & Athletic Performance The consumption of energy giving substances before, during and after any form of physical exercise improves the individual’s performance and increases the rejuvenation of muscles. This is also associated with dietary supplementation from natural honey, which provides up to 17g of carbohydrates for every tablespoon consumed, giving much needed energy, therefore serving as an inexpensive substitute to commercially available sporting activities enhancers. The data obtained from the Sports Nutrition and Exercise Laboratory of one University show that honey can be used effectively instead of glucose for energy replenishment during physical exercise....

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Whakatane based sports nutrition company Manuka Performance is proving a Hiit with the new local Whakatane F45 gym! Nick and Sarah from Whakatane F45 have been open for business and kicking butt for several weeks now - punters are all over it! The F stands for Functional training, a mix of circuit and Hiit style workouts geared towards everyday movement. 45 is the total amount of time for sweat-dripping, heart pumping fun! They have teamed up with Manuka Performance to provide members natural sports energy during and post workout.  Supporting local businesses is important, so it's great to be able...

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Dehydration and Workplace Safety New Zealand Are you keeping your employees and workers adequately hydrated, energized and safe? New Zealand summers can be unforgiving, long and hot. All New Zealand companies and businesses who work during these hot summer months must ensure their worker's safety. Especially around dehydration and fatigue due to heat exhaustion. Manuka Performance provides ideal energy and re-hydration products to help keep workers safe and well. Our LiquidFuel energy gels offer a natural, healthy alternative to help keep employees and workers hydrated and healthy in the heat and all year round. Made from natural Manuka Honey, they...

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