Nutrition Education Series

Nutrition Education Series

Manuka Performance: UMF™ Certification Reading Nutrition Education Series 3 minutes

The young athlete is unique due to the energy requirements needed to support growth, schooling, and both recreational and competitive sporting endeavours. Many adolescent athletes also compete in a number of sports concurrently, which further affects their nutrition requirements.

Adolescence is an important time in an individual’s life where lifelong relationships with food are established. Eating patterns that support long-term health, growth and development, and support sport performance are important. The greatest influence on adolescent nutrition requirements are the timing of pubertal changes rather than age, which is earlier in females, and a longer duration in males.

Adolescents may adopt new nutrition practices based on fads and experimentation (e.g. vegetarianism/vegan, fad diets and supplement use), and can be related to body image. Indeed, many supplement and food and beverage companies target young athletes, resulting in an over emphasis on supplementation rather than healthy nutrition basics required for growth and optimal sport performance.

A solid foundation of appropriate nutrition practices to support sporting performance and health in the adolescent athlete is an important but often overlooked aspect of an athlete’s training regime.



This series of interactive workshops describes scientifically supported and best-practice nutrition recommendations and strategies for the adolescent/young athlete.

The objective is to educate the athlete to allow them to make informed decisions and apply appropriate nutrition strategies in the context of their life, sport and environment.

The strategies and tools provided can be translated to any sporting discipline, while seasonal specific (Summer vs. Winter) and competition and tournament strategies are also discussed.




Dr Lillian Morton PhD, Registered Nutritionist, IOC

Lillian holds a PhD from the University of Auckland Nutrition Dept. Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. Her PhD explored the effects of air pollution on exercise performance, and a natural supplement to reduce the negative effects of poor air quality on the exercising athlete. She is a registered nutritionist and has her IOC Sports Nutrition Diploma. She has published several peer reviewed scientific articles and is an accomplished sport scientist and physiologist.

Lillian has extensive experience with high performing athletes at both the elite level (Olympians, World Champions), and development athletes. Her experience with high performance sports, Olympic campaigns, World Championship tournaments and international travel means she has insight into strategies based on real-world experience. She is also experienced with working with wider support teams such as physiotherapists, sports doctors and medical staff, S&C trainers, coaches and psychologists.

She frequently delivers workshops to high school athletes within NZ to assist them with their sport nutrition, and daily nutrition habits. All athletes deserve the education and knowledge to support their growth and potential.



Online interactive workshops on each module with plenty of add-ons available. We can tailor our education series to any specific sports code, age, sex or context you require.


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