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Here at Mānuka Performance we want to know that our products deliver what we say they do. We are dedicated to robust research and science and work in partnership with research institutes, government departments and universities to unlock the value of Mānuka honey. We aim to change how the industry operates through partnership, collaboration and
empowering each other to push the boundaries on realising the value of Mānuka honey. This value extends beyond commercial revenue. Value has different meanings to people, and we are dedicated to adding value along the entire product and supply chain; from source to consumer. 

Our Research and development (R&D) projects at this stage are exploratory while we aim to determine where added value and benefits lie. This is why we have projects within human and animal health, as well as projects that build and foster community and relationships. Our R&D is a combination of basic research and applied research. Basic research allows a fuller, more complete understanding of concepts, and provides a basis of information. Applied research on the other hand is undertaken with a specific goal in mind, and is more detailed and complex. We at Mānuka Performance do both.

Health Claims:

You might notice that we don't make any health claims - that's because New Zealand's laws don't permit ANY health claims to be made for honey or Mānuka Honey full stop. If you see any NZ company making any claim whatsoever, even about the bio-chemical makeup of the honey - even the word 'health' in relation to a product - it's not allowed, New Zealand's regulators would have - and do have - a fit. Even down to some soft claims. Crazy right?

While most of our R&D is not commercially sensitive and we are in the game of collaboration and sharing, we aren't even allowed to tell you about our science, R&D or health research - that's the Law in New Zealand. New Zealand's quirky legislation also regulates what we can and cannot say relating to claims and products only within New Zealand, no matter how substantiated, true and scientifically robust they are. We aren't even allowed to share our own published, peer reviewed research articles. In New Zealand we are restricted in sharing with you the ground-breaking research we are doing with our Research Universities, Iwi groups, Māori Universities, Government Agencies, Research Institutes and our International Collaborators.

With our supporting, compliant documentation we can however tell, show and promote all of that wonderful stuff to our overseas markets, just not here in our very own country. If this irks you, please talk to our government.

For more information on our Science, innovation R&D, please contact our R&D division at

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Manuka Performance Executive Team

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