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Our Liquidfuel Sports Gels are taking the sporting world by storm. Made from science backed Manuka Honey and Green Apple, our delicious energy gels also contain electrolytes to aid rehydration.

Liquidfuel contains all natural ingredients, offering better utilized energy, recovery properties, can be mixed with water or taken straight + they are batch tested athlete safe to comply with WADA regulations.

Our Tennis New Zealand Partnership sees the top high performance tennis players using our natural Manuka Honey based sports energy products.

Made by Nature, Backed by Science, Taken by Champions.

Why compromise your standards when it comes to the Sports Energy you consume? Switch to our natural, high performance energy gels.

The Science: Manuka Honey contains fructose, glucose & natural enzymes - scientifically backed to be more efficiently utilised by the human body! Better energy intake means better performance.

Liquidfuel Energy Gels
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