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Natural Energy Gels
Nature's Energy Gel: Natural, Healthy Sports Nutrition
Our M+ Sports range is loved by athletes around the world and is designed to help you win. Made in New Zealand from Manuka Honey and backed by science, our high performance energy gels and recovery products contain all natural ingredients, no added sugar, artificial colors or flavors.

5 Star Reviews

Athletes (find out the Pros here), Weekend Warriors and Lifestylers around the world are switching to Manuka Performance LiquidFuel

Best natural energy fuel source I've ever tried. the performance gels go down easy during a run and the Manuka Restore is so good for recovery!
I've tried many, many energy products over the years, and Manuka Performance is BY FAR the best. Absolutely delicious, easy to get down, quality ingredients and gives you a great hit of energy.
Manuka Performance exceeded my expectations! It gives an amazing slow release energy boost that helps me to be more alert when riding. When we are racing at 200+ km/hr you need to be on the ball.

Top Selling Sports Energy Products:

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Strictly limited time! Get what athletes around the world are loving - high performance natural energy products made from Manuka Honey: Globally recognized for its health benefits and immune boosting properties. 

Liquidfuel: Nature's Energy Gel

Pure Manuka Honey mixed with Green Apple and electrolytes to aid hydration. Science backed energy from Manuka Honey, easily digestible, great taste and consistency, mixes easily with water or straight from the convenient re-seal-able pouch. 10x 45g pouches in a box!


X68 Performance Drops

Our amazing NEW drops are designed for a quick hit of HIGH UMF Manuka Honey energy on the go. Great to take anywhere and anytime - packed with Vitamin C for your good health. Great for during or after sports, or just when you need a boost of energy. 1 jar of 68 drops!


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High Performance Sports Gels.

Where you play is where we play! Our Natural Sports Gels deliver high performance energy & nutrition for every level of competitor:

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High Performance Athletes

Athlete Safe - Anti Doping Certified

Your take your sport seriously, so do we. Our energy gels are Batch Tested for your safety and reassurance. We are certified WADA prohibited substance free. Certification available upon request.

Our processing facility is based in Whakatane, New Zealand. It is certified for export, is a registered member of the UMF association for Manuka Honey (requiring 6 monthly audits), halal certified and exceeds the strict food safety and bio safety standards set down by the New Zealand government.

All honey entering into our facility is further independently batch tested and certified before it even starts it's journey to become Manuka Performance. 

All of this is to ensure you are buying the highest quality products to fuel your goals.

Certificates available on request.

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Made by Nature, Backed by Science, Taken by Champions.

Why compromise your standards when it comes to the Sports Energy you consume? Switch to our natural, high performance energy gels.

The Science: Manuka Honey contains fructose, glucose & natural enzymes - scientifically backed to be more efficiently utilised by the human body! Better energy intake means better performance.

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