At Manuka Performance, we are obsessed with helping athletes be more healthy, and helping active people be more like athletes.

Natural Sports energy & daily nutrition - Performance for the Win

100% Pure Manuka Honey energy

Made by nature, backed by science. Liquidfuel sports gels provide natural honey carbohydrate energy. No refined sugar / maltodextrin, no artificial ingredients = no upset stomachs & better utilisation of energy! Performance for the win!

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Natural Products for every Active lifestyle

Designed & Developed by Manuka Performance with the support from New Zealand's leading food research institutions & guidance from recognised sports nutritionists.

We produce leading sports gels for energy & hydration, performance drops & athlete honey. Our advanced, unique products also include daily honey snaps with added probiotics to boost your everyday health & wellbeing.

Offering athletes that competitive advantage

Trusted by some of New Zealand's top athletes competing on the world stage, Manuka Performance is loved & used by many sporting disciplines. From tennis stars to MMA fighters. Triathletes, basketball players, runners & motorsport drivers / riders all notice the difference using Manuka Performance.


World Class Athletes, Olympians & Sports Stars trust Manuka Performance because it's batch tested, science backed and nutritionist approved.

Weekend Warriors

Make that healthy choice, get that competitive edge to beat yourself & your mates. Easy, convenient natural energy that tastes great & works.

Active Lifestylers

Great tasting, healthy option for getting out and about. Versatile, grab and go!

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