Can Kids Use Liquid Fuel?

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Can Kids Use Liquid Fuel?

We have had a few people asking if the Liquid Fuel is ok for kids to use before, during or after sports … the good news is YES! 


Liquid Fuel contains only five ingredients: New Zealand Manuka Honey, Apple Juice concentrate (from Hawke's Bay apples) and electrolytes; sodium chloride (sea salt), potassium chloride and sodium citrate.  These are common salts used in electrolyte mixes. 

The salts play an important role in both replacing salts lost through sweat but also balancing fluid levels in the body. 

As a bonus Liquid Fuel contains no added sugars, no preservatives and no artificial flavours, colourings or other additives. 

Energy-wise there is the same level of carbohydrates (sugars) in Liquid Fuel as a banana and a similar level of salts as a couple of pieces of bread. 

One pouch just before or during exercise will give your kids plenty energy for whatever sport they are into. 

Keep checking in with us as we will be releasing a range of sports nutrition products designed specifically for kids… but in the meantime you can be confident that Liquid Fuel is good for children - even if you feel like a kid at heart! 

Make the switch to child friendly sports energy. Our pouches won't go off like fruit, are all natural, can be re-sealed and are yummy.

Don't reach for a can of fizzy drink or lollies - give your kids natural products which are good for them.

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