In the Business of Winning - Manuka Performance

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In the Business of Winning - Manuka Performance

Manuka Performance is a New Zealand based Sports Nutrition company. We exist to help you win at life by creating elite natural health products to give you that competitive edge.

We are passionate about what we put into our bodies. Drawing upon many years’ experience in the Manuka Honey and Bio-Actives game, we understand the unique nutritional and health benefits Manuka Honey has to offer.

We have designed a simple yet high performance Sports Energy gel called Liquid Fuel. It’s as pure and natural as you can get - just 2 natural ingredients and 3 electrolytes delivered in a hand held, resealable pouch you can stow in a pocket.

Take it directly in the mouth, or mix Liquid Fuel into your hydration for a great tasting energy boost - that’s all natural!

Liquid Fuel offers a lower GI that other Sports Energy gels, tastes great, and is full on natural minerals and nutrients found in Manuka Honey.

Best of all, Manuka Performance Liquid Fuel is made right here in New Zealand - the only place Manuka grows and the only place Manuka Honey can authentically be manufactured.

We are in the business of helping you win at life - so keep an eye out for our products in your local sports shop, outdoor store, event or buy online.



Manuka Performance Liquid Fuel Nutrition Panel