Dehydration and Workplace Safety New Zealand

Dehydration and Workplace Safety New Zealand

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Dehydration and Workplace Safety New Zealand

Are you keeping your employees and workers adequately hydrated, energized and safe?

New Zealand summers can be unforgiving, long and hot. All New Zealand companies and businesses who work during these hot summer months must ensure their worker's safety. Especially around dehydration and fatigue due to heat exhaustion. Manuka Performance provides ideal energy and re-hydration products to help keep workers safe and well.

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Our LiquidFuel energy gels offer a natural, healthy alternative to help keep employees and workers hydrated and healthy in the heat and all year round. Made from natural Manuka Honey, they also contain electrolytes to aid in re-hydration. Manuka Honey also gives a smooth energy boost, helping fatigue and tiredness.  

Our gels can either be taken straight from the small, easy to re-seal pouch which can be taken anywhere, or can be mixed with water to make a delicious natural energy re-hydration drink.   

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Perfect for working at height, in hard to access places, kept in the glove-box, operator cab, overalls pocket, smoko-room or handed out at every tool-box meeting. 

Idea for industrial, factory workers, builders, electricians, plumbers, contractors, defense force personnel, police, fire, ambulance and anyone working remote, in the heat or needing reliable, high performance energy and re-hydration on the go.

The best thing? They are all made in New Zealand from natural ingredients - not containing refined sugars, preservatives or added colours + flavours.

Our products are taken by high-performance athletes around the world, they are Anti-Doping prohibited substance free.

Get in touch with our sales team to find out how Manuka Performance can be the solution to your H&S working in heat problems.

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