New Zealand based Sports Nutrition company packing a punch

New Zealand based Sports Nutrition company packing a punch

Who is Manuka Performance?

Located in the sunny Eastern Bay of Plenty exists an innovative company who is in the business of winning. Manuka Performance exists to help people win by providing athletes and sports people with all natural sports energy – with a unique point of difference.

Co-founded in 2018 by two like minded entrepreneurs, Jeremy and Tristan saw a gap in the sports market for a truly natural sports energy range. Athletes look after their bodies, train hard, eat well and give their sport 100%. Yet when it came to the energy products they were using, common among them were refined and added sugars, preservatives, artificial flavours and artificial colours. These gave poor taste and were not too kind on the body.

The solution? An All Natural Sports Energy range made from Manuka Honey – designed for athletes, sports people and weekend warriors who don’t want to compromise what they put into their bodies.

Honey has been used for centuries as an energy source and unique to New Zealand, Manuka Honey is highly regarded for its natural health properties. Natural enzymes and goodness in Manuka Honey means its absorbed and utilised by the body more efficiently. Backed by science, honey has been shown to out perform other carbohydrate energy sources in tests.

After some R&D and branding, Liquidfuel was developed which gained quick market validation by athletes using it with noticeable advantages in energy levels upon taking it along with enhanced recovery post exercise.

The reception of the products has been positive. Athletes and Sports People are wanting to know what’s in the products they take and where they are made. There is a growing demand for natural products – especially ones with no added sugars. Not only are Manuka Performance products great for adults but because they are natural, they are perfect for children too.

Manuka Performance is already sponsoring several athletes who have made the switch to all natural energy. A range of regional events are now supported and sponsored by Manuka Performance from triathlons, adventure races, ultras and more on the way.

Athletes from many disciplines are using the products; MMA fighters, kayakers, runners, rugby players and personal trainers to surfers, golfers, cross fitters and power lifters.

With the company in growth mode, nationwide distribution is being sought, along with international channels into USA, Europe Asia beyond. The hunt is now on for brand ambassadors and strategic partners to scale the company.

A sports nutritionist has been brought on board in the development of a new range of products, adding natural plant extracts like blackcurrant and green tea to assist athletes in specialist areas of nutrition.


If you’re an athlete wanting all natural energy products and are looking to make the change, check out Manuka Performance’s range of products. Made in New Zealand buy a company who is excited to helping you win.

If you’re looking to partner with a company who is innovative, forward thinking, backing athletes and teams from grassroots to the pinnacle of their profession – come and talk to us.