About us


Manuka Performance exists to help people be more healthy. 

We are passionate about health and nutrition - especially natural health, specifically the nutraceutical and bio-active aspects that make up the healthy things our customers want to consume.



By building enduring relationships with global consumers.

We believe in doing good, purposeful business with meaningful outcomes for all. This includes delivering exceptional experiences to all consumers through our innovative nutrition products and initiatives. This extends to our social procurement responsibility and building a better future for health conscious people, athletes and organisations here in New Zealand and around the world.



Manuka Performance is a nutrition company located in Whakatane, New Zealand.

We develop and manufacture a range of natural nutrition products based around the globally recognized health properties of Manuka Honey.


Core Business:

M+ Sports Range: A range of innovative nutrition products developed for athletes of all levels. The energy component is derived from the glucose, fructose & enzymes naturally found in Manuka Honey - delivering significant bioactive advantages for sports people.

Our range includes; Energy gels, recovery products, drops and will soon be expanded to include athlete specific products with added natural extracts to aid in performance. All our products contain natural ingredients.

Natural Habits: A range of health & wellness gels designed to be taken daily. Our innovative snap design contains Manuka Honey and various all natural pro-biotic ingredients formulated to aid in your daily health and wellness.

We are continually evolving to develop new and exciting products for consumers. We actively undertake case studies, scientific research and R&D. This is to ensure we not only make what the consumer wants, but deliver a trusted product that works.


What's most important to us:


People are the most important thing. From the end consumer to the athletes and teams we partner with. Event organisers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, honey producers and key stake-holders. Our internal team (from newest sales-person to CEO) to anyone we engage with. 


Our Mission:

We aim to become a globally recognized - and sought after - brand for natural & innovative Manuka Honey based nutrition products in both the sports, lifestyle and health & wellness sector.


Our Vision:

We see a world where people can be more healthy, living their lives to the fullest while being able to easily make an informed choice on what nutrition products they consume and enjoy.


Our Core Values:

The core values embodied below are centered around Maori concepts. As a New Zealand based organisation, our culture and identity is super important to us. Tangata Whanua (Maori: indigenous people of the land) embody values which mean something special to us - they also encompass the very nature of common core values such as Trust, Authenticity, Integrity, Honesty...

Whakaiti: Humility

We enable others and put others first. We work hard behind the scenes and desire to take minimal credit for success but full responsibility for failure. A core principle we believe and act in is based around Level 5 leadership.

Manaakitanga: Generosity

We give for the long-term benefit of others and the future generations. What guides us is how we can care for other people and doing the right thing. Cooperation and mutual understanding with all stake-holders.

Whanaungatanga: Relationahip

Building deep and enduring relationships with all stake holders, close community and a sense of family - the importance of others.

Kaitiakitanga: Guardianship

Long term stewardship and sustainability. Protecting and looking after what is important. Understanding that we are on a journey, with a clear direction but being able to adapt as we go.

Whakatere: Hustle

A sense of both navigation and acceleration. We act decisively and operate lean, maneuvering ourselves in the relentless pursuit of excellence. Fail quick, nail quick and scale quick.