All Natural Sports Energy made in New Zealand

All Natural Sports Energy made in New Zealand

So … what’s in this stuff?


Ok… So by now you will know that Manuka Performance contains manuka honey.  But what else is in it?  The good news is there are only five ingredients in our Liquid Fuel products. 

Here’s a bit more about them and what they do.


Manuka Honey:

  • Manuka honey has a global reputation for its natural properties.  As well as being a natural alternative to sugars normally added to sports energy products, it also contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids at trace levels.


Apple Juice Concentrate:

  • Our apple juice concentrate comes from Hawke's Bay apples.  It’s a natural source of fructose.  Because its high in fructose it takes longer to digest than glucose-based products, providing energy over a longer period of time.


Sodium Chloride:

  • Or salt … Nelson sea salt actually.  Sodium is one of the essential minerals the body needs during exercise.


Sodium Citrate:

  • Another source of sodium.  The other benefit of sodium citrate is that it can provide a buffer to lactic acid build-up in your muscles – it may also reduce cramping.  Usually produced from citric acid.


Potassium Chloride:

  • A source of potassium … another essential mineral.  Like the sea salt, our Potassium Chloride is sourced from the sea … in this case the Red Sea.


And that’s it … no added sugars, no weird chemicals just natural products.


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