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We aren't through 2020 yet! I've been challenged this week, month, (year!) over and over about attitude.  The words that we speak come from what's in our heart - and that can be a hard battle when you're in the midst of an ultra marathon, a final competition workout, or sitting in the chair at your job.  Yet I am reminded this week how blessed we are to be able to participate in a running event, with real people, real spectators (not cardboard cut outs and sound waves of clapping like the London Marathon). This weekend I get the opportunity...

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When I first trained for Taupo Ultramarathon in 2018, I had a lot of people say to me 'you must really love running'. My reply was more often than not - no. I only ran twice a week, it was a bonus is if I had running in a CrossFit WOD, and to be completely honest, when there was, I tried to avoid it. I was simultaneously training for the NZ CrossFit Nationals as an individual, then as a team member, an event which would take place one week after the 100km. CrossFit was my big focus, and the ultra...well,...

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Whatever your activity, your sport, your goal...whether its physical or not, your mind can affect the outcome of what you want to achieve. What are you telling yourself today that can change the way you cross the finish line?

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