Coach's Corner: Becoming unstoppable

Coach's Corner: Becoming unstoppable

When I first trained for Taupo Ultramarathon in 2018, I had a lot of people say to me 'you must really love running'. My reply was more often than not - no. I only ran twice a week, it was a bonus is if I had running in a CrossFit WOD, and to be completely honest, when there was, I tried to avoid it. I was simultaneously training for the NZ CrossFit Nationals as an individual, then as a team member, an event which would take place one week after the 100km. CrossFit was my big focus, and the ultra...well, I just said to people 'I run because I can. I don't have to run, I get to run'. 

Fast forward 2 years and I'm ready to give Taupo 100km another go, with the bigger goal of Tarawera Miler in sight. I'm still doing CrossFit, but this time, I'm running 4x a week. I'm not training for anything else, and all the gains I get in the gym are a bonus. 

More often than not, I come home from my run training beaming, I found a love for running. Who would've thought that increasing the intensity and level of something I used to dislike as a teenager would be the thing that helps me get through my day. 

I was reading this morning a quote from Isaac Newton. It said "an object in motion stays in motion". The hardest part of our journey is actually starting. The thing that keeps us going is our reason why. 

I've coached many people, and the definitive difference between those who reach or exceed their goals, and those that don't, is the reason to achieve them is bigger than the reason not to. 

Training for CrossFit Nationals, trying to pass a test in class, passing exams, making it on a team, losing weight, running an ultra...they're all just ideas without substance. It's not enough to hope to achieve these things just because you like the idea, or because it's what you 'should' do. The reason behind your goal is what sets you in motion. When you discover your reason, you'll become unstoppable.