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Runners Wall. What does hitting the wall feel like? The wall. Every athlete knows what it is. Aside from the thing you bang your head against when completely frustrated at your children, the wall is something every athlete has either heard of or experienced...and if not, look out. It's coming.  For some, the wall shot up quickly. As soon as you had a thought about exercise, the builders came in and blocked the thought from travelling out of the recess of your brain. For others, you experience the wall 1km into a run on a rainy morning. If you're experienced...

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Something that has been coming up a lot for me lately has been ideas around comparison. I hate to admit it, but it's something that I have to constantly fight against as I'm bombarded with people in my life (real and virtual) that are achieving the things that they have dreamed of...sometimes the very thing that I wish to be doing myself.  Comparison not only steals our joy, but it also stops us from achieving our ambitions. I remember so clearly our teachers at Primary School always telling us to run our own race on athletics day. When we would...

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We aren't through 2020 yet! I've been challenged this week, month, (year!) over and over about attitude.  The words that we speak come from what's in our heart - and that can be a hard battle when you're in the midst of an ultra marathon, a final competition workout, or sitting in the chair at your job.  Yet I am reminded this week how blessed we are to be able to participate in a running event, with real people, real spectators (not cardboard cut outs and sound waves of clapping like the London Marathon). This weekend I get the opportunity...

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