Wolfman's Corner - Low Fuel Training!

Wolfman's Corner - Low Fuel Training!

Brad Wolfman Ramsey is a MMA fighter and Kickboxer fighting from Auckland, New Zealand. He specializes in nutrition and we are proud to share his insights and journey.


Combat sports athletes know the struggle of having to restrict their food intake and remain in a calorie deficit, while maintaining a high level of performance.

Brad Wolfman

Having the ability to fuel your training sessions to perform at the highest level and lose the weight is extremely difficult.

I have had issues with weight, specifically dropping to a new weight class and not having the calories to fuel my training properly. Not being able to eat optimally is a real struggle especially during fight week, when you still needing to train and keep your mental focus without the food you need.

But with great products like LiquidFuel you can keep the food and calories to a minimum, while also having the quick release carbs to fuel your training. Manuka Performance Liquidfuel provides athletes an all natural sports energy product which gives significant results..