Which energy gel is best for running?

Which energy gel is best for running?

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Which energy gel is best for running?

High performance runners and elite athletes rely on energy gels to maintain peak performance during running. Gels contain high levels of carbohydrates which fuel the body in times of need.

There are many different types of gels, nearly all  of them contain carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrin, refined sugar. Many common gels on the market also contain other artificial ingredients, preservatives, colours and flavours. 

While the energy provided from these gels is good and does the trick, it's not that good for your body. Many runners complain about upset stomachs and the bad taste/feel of gels.

In part, this can be caused by the very ingredients found in the gels. 

So which energy gel is the best for running?

Manuka Performance is a different gel. It's made from all natural ingredients - with the main energy component coming from Manuka Honey. This natural carbohydrate (fructose & glucose) is proven to be better absorbed and utilized by the human body. Manuka Honey is of course globally recognized for it's natural healing properties too.

In short, Manuka Performance Liquidfuel gels are the most easily digestible gels on the market, better on the stomach, all natural and very healthy for you. They also have a unique re-seal-able cap meaning you don't have to consume the whole lot in one go, and there is no sticky mess like with other gel pouches. 

Made in new Zealand, Manuka Performance Liquidfuel is nature's energy gel.