#1 Top Nutrition Tip by a Champion Fighter

#1 Top Nutrition Tip by a Champion Fighter

Lots of people always ask about what diet are you on or what is the best diet to lose weight, well here is my answer: 

The best diet is...... Just joking there is none!!!

The best diet is not a diet at all, its a lifestyle.

Living a health and well balanced life is the best way to achieve your goals. Changing both your mental and physical mind set around the food you eat and how you exercise will have a significantly bigger impact than a specific daily calorie intake and a macro-nutrient break down. 

Making choices that are in line with your goals, whether it's just your general life style or for performance. The best diet is a lifestyle that can be constant, reliable, repeatable and inline with your goals. But most importantly it's the one you can enjoy and that you stick to.


HELPFULL TIP: Take the time to find something that's sustainable and that works for you in the long term. You may make a few mistakes, there will always be trial and error with everything you do, but once you find what works for you the benefit will be worth the effort. 



Brad The Wolf Man Ramsey is a MMA fighter and Kickboxer. He is proudly endorsed by Manuka Performance and contributes regularly for articles on nutrition, training and real-world experience which can help others.

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