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3 Reasons Athletes are switching to Manuka Performance

From professional athletes to weekend warriors, everyone seeks that competitive edge, and in today's market we are highly conscious of what we put in our bodies. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the sporting community.

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The global sports nutrition market has ballooned past the $100 billion mark and continues to grow. As we all know, nutrition provides a pivotal part of an athletes' regime. Individuals, teams, clubs and sports organisations spend vast sums of money getting the optimal nutrition and latest science to maintain peak performance and push the boundaries. 

Here are the 3 Reasons Athletes are switching to Manuka Performance - and why you should too. 

1# All Natural Ingredients:

All ingredients in Manuka Performance are natural. We require no added or refined sugars - your carbohydrates come from honey (which is super good for you and much more efficient on the body that other forms of sugar). 

No preservatives, artificial colors or added flavors. The zing in our product comes from natural Green Apple juice.

We only add three common salts (electrolytes) to our Liquidfuel gel products, which aid hydration.

Athletes are telling us that Manuka Performance does not upset their stomach like other products. They feel that their overall performance and wellness is improved due to taking natural products and knowing what ingredients their energy products contain.

2# Manuka Honey:

The energy in our products comes from honey - lauded around the world by athletes for its amazing performance properties. It's only been used as a source of nutrition, energy and health for thousands of years after all.

The punch line of course is that we use Manuka Honey - globally recognized for its healing and medicinal properties. Manuka Honey can ONLY come from New Zealand and ours is processed in a UMF certified facility - meaning you are guaranteed to be buying the real deal.

Athletes are telling us about the noticeable recovery results with our products: Less fatigue, better energy levels and quicker turn-around times. Our careful blend of Manuka Honey and Green Apple is giving athletes that competitive edge.

3# Made in New Zealand:

All of our ingredients are sourced from New Zealand and everything is processed here - meaning you are getting only the highest quality sports nutrition products.

Our Manuka Honey is sourced by local beekeepers whom we have built strong relationships with over many years. (We have Manuka Honey experience spanning over 2 decades!) All honey is batch tested and certified. Our Green Apple is sourced from orchards in the Hawke's Bay and our salts from Nelson.

New Zealand has some of the strictest food processing regulations to protect our clean, green image. Our facility is audited every 6 months and we have to comply with the highest standards for Manuka Honey and Sports Energy production.

Carbohydrates play a critical role in energy levels and recovery. We push our bodies to the limit and require shorter down times between training. Energy gels are a what many of us reach to when we need that boost. However one look at the back panel often leaves us questioning what we are actually taking. 

In a sporting world looking for a natural alternative Manuka Performance offers athletes the solution.