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Immuno Boost - Stylish honey Health Snaps for busy humans on the go!

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Life can be hectic! For the busy professional always on the go to parents rushing around sorting out the family. Maintaining your daily health is important - especially if you live an active lifestyle!

Our Immuno Boost honey snaps make it easy to keep on top of your daily health and well-being.


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Made in New Zealand & packed with Manuka 12+ honey - globally recognised for it's health properties. We have also included another native super honey, Rewarewa which contains high levels of natural anti-oxidants. This is carefully blended with natural Probiotics. The perfect, natural blend for boosting your daily Health & Wellness.



Fit your lifestyle

Introducing Natural Habits' Immuno Boost - a quick, easy to use daily honey snap you wont forget to take. Slim & stylish, our grab and go snaps fit into your lifestyle helping maintain your balanced life.

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Create time

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, you're done popping your daily Immuno Boost - yes, even with one hand. Go ahead, try it.

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Trend setter

Forget old-school tablets, time consuming powders and messy liquids. Our trendy snaps stand out & they will be the talking point of your friends and colleagues. 

Daily Probiotics

Taste the pop

Taking your daily supplement can be fun! Simply squeeze your snap together to pop the goodness straight to your taste-buds, in your tea or smoothie.

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Boost your daily health & well-being naturally. 

Made from smooth, pure New Zealand honey sustainably sourced from local apiarists. Our Immuno Boost snaps act as a functional food, helping boost your body's natural properties. 

  • High Grade UMF12+ Manuka Honey globally recognized for its health properties
  • Rewarewa honey containing high amounts of naturally occurring anti-oxidants 
  • Probiotics which can help support digestive and immune health


Introductory Offer!

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Try Immuno Boost today, order our 7 day pack below.