What is the best Energy Gel?

What is the best Energy Gel?

What is the best Energy Gel? At Manuka Performance, we are obsessed with helping athletes be more healthy, and helping active people be more like athletes. 

Our Sports Energy Gels and nutrition products are loved by weekend warriors, athletes and active lifestylers everywhere! 

What sets us apart from the rest? Our Liquidfuel Sports energy Gels are made from natural, locally sources ingredients.

What is the best energy gel?


Our Sports Energy Gels are loved by athletes, they are batch tested for WADA prohibited substances and offer athletes a science backed, healthy competitive advantage.

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Great tasting sports energy you can take straight from the pouch or mix into your water. Intuitive resealable pouch design. Natural, high performance carbs from Manuka honey & 3x electrolytes to aid hydration. 

best sports energy gel


Forget artificial sugars, maltodextrin, fake colours, flavours or preservatives. Liquidfuel Gels are the best energy gel for weekend adventures and the active lifestyle.

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