Eastern Bay Canoe Racing Team

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Eastern Bay Canoe Racing Team

Manuka Performance gets behind young Eastern Bay Canoe Racing Team.

Jessica Cleghorn, Michael Esterhuizen, Caitlyn Esterhuizen and Matthew Reihana Asquith all have something in common.  They all love kayaking.  They are all students of Trident High School and paddle up to 6 times a week.

Manuka Performance is getting behind these amazing young athletes by providing them healthy, 100% natural sports energy to keep them going. We know that artificial sugars and additives found in soft drinks and lollies are pretty unhealthy as a sports energy - we are committed to providing athletes of any age a healthy nutrition alternative.

All kayakers paddle individually but they also team up to race in the K2 events as well.

Jess and Caitlyn teamed up and won gold in the K2 500 and silver in the K2 200 at Nationals earlier this year.

Jess also won gold in the 5km and bronze in the K1 200.

Michel Esterhuizen managed to get through to the finals in his age group which saw him through to the Asia Pacific Team – competing at Lake Karapiro earlier this year.  This also earning him a place in  the Pathway to Podium programme.

All 4 competitors have a chance to get into the Asia Pacific Team next year to race in Japan.  This will be a big ask as they will be young for their age groups but will still have a good chance of getting in.

They are all currently fundraising to purchase new kayaks to help them improve their performance.

Manuka Performance will also provide the team Manuka Performance product to sell as a fundraiser to get their kayaks and raise funds to compete here and overseas.


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