Do energy gels really work?

Do energy gels really work?

Do energy gels really work?

Of course they do; high performance athletes around the word rely on Sports Gels to give them a boost of energy to keep going when the going gets tough.

Of course, there are many different brands of gels and some are better than others, but nearly all of them contain ingredients which are unnatural and are loaded with added or refined sugar. Lot's of people's preference comes down to taste and flavors, mainly because there is not much else to differentiate them from each other.

Until now...

Manuka Performance is a New Zealand Sports Nutrition Company world famous for our LiquidFuel energy gels. Made from Manuka Honey, natural ingredients & electrolytes, our energy gels taste great & are more easily digestible than others: Made by Nature, Backed by Science.

Our LiquidFuel gels are WADA approved and athlete safe. We manufacture a range of other innovative, natural sports nutrition and energy products. We are also passionate about sporting success; we heavily support a range of international and regional athletes, sports people, teams and events.

Here is the low down on our LiquidFuel products:

  • New Zealand Made = Trusted global brand
  • WADA batch tested = Athlete anti-doping safe
  • Manuka Honey based = Science backed energy + globally recognised health benefits
  • All natural ingredients + no added sugar = healthy and easily digestible