Best Energy Drinks for Basketball

Best Energy Drinks for Basketball

All athletes need energy to perform. But getting the right energy is key to unleashing that performance. 

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There are many energy drinks and gels on the market. Many of these contain refined sugars, caffeine and ingredients to help you compete. While they all offer energy, the real difference comes from the ingredients used. Not all energy drinks / gels are equal, so it's important to understand why, and how this affects your body. How it affects your body can directly affect your performance!

Refined Sugar / Maltodextrin: A common energy source used across many sports energy drinks and gels. Refined sugars can offer a short energy boost, however can also cause the dreaded energy crash! Too much sugar is bad for your health and many athletes point to refined sugar (among some other things) to giving them upset stomachs, digestion issues and more.

Caffeine: Get that coffee buzz! More to the point, added caffeine can be obtained from various sources and gives a great energy boost. However it can also cause nervous and concentration issues. Think the jitters, not thinking straight and headaches. Not ideal when the game is on the line and you need to give your best!

Why Manuka Performance Liquidfuel is a great choice:

Manuka Performance

Manuka Honey: The sugar / carbohydrate in our Liquidfuel gels required by the athlete body comes from honey - a natural source of sugar. Honey sugar is made from glucose and fructose, during natural production, the honey bee adds enzymes to the honey which further breaks it down - making it better absorbed by us, and utilised by our bodies. 

Of course, we don't use any old honey, we use Manuka Honey. Only from New Zealand, this famous honey is globally recognised for it's health benefits, antibacterial / anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Not only do you get better energy from Manuka Performance, you also get the nutraceutical and functional benefits of this amazing honey.

All Natural: Our gels contain all natural ingredients - nothing nasty, no junk, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours, sugars - and no added water like other gels!

Electrolytes: Our gels contain the right mix of electrolyte salts to help maintain hydration!

Versatile: Here is the kicker, our gels can be taken straight or mixed with water how you like it. Many athletes don't want to consume too much liquid at once, so mix a gel with water to sip on and then suck from a pouch as needed throughout the game. Our Liquidfuel gels will give you the energy and boost you need to perform! All while being great for your body, your health and offering nutraceutical, functional goodness found in our famous Manuka Honey.

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Our gels don't give the jitters, loss of focus, bad stomach, energy crash or bad side-effects like some other products do. They are healthy, good for you and offer added nutritional advantages.