MMA & UFC fighter endorsed energy boosting gels

MMA & UFC fighter endorsed energy boosting gels

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Many New Zealand MMA fighters take Manuka Performance energy gels. Science backed energy taken before & during your fight to enhance your body's natural ability, provide sharp focused energy & help maintain high performance before & during the match.

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You need top quality energy to give you that competitive edge over the competition. MMA fighters from New Zealand punch well above our weight. Why not take a science backed sports energy made right here in New Zealand?


Manuka Performance Liquidfuel gels are formulated from all natural ingredients so it's much better for you. Our pure Manuka Honey works in sync with your body's natural system - not overloading it, and no nasty side effects. Our fighters tell us they give a smooth, strong energy, no come-down, sharp focus and no upset stomachs. 


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Studies show that Honey is better absorbed and utilised by an athlete's body over refined sugars like maltodextrin. Manuka Honey makes up the main natural energy component of our Liquidfuel gels - providing you with high performance energy. Liquidfuel also contains the right amount of electrolytes, aiding your hydration to keep you focused.


Made by nature - taken by champions!

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Our Liquidfuel gels taste great and are super easy on the stomach, making them ideal to take right up to your fight. They can be taken straight from the pouch or mixed with water to be taken between rounds or sparring sessions. 

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Manuka Honey is globally recognised for it's health properties. Having been used for centuries by Maori (New Zealand's indigenous people) for health & well-being in every day and battle.

Spoiler alert: Our gels also promote better recovery for your body too! 

Batch tested for WADA banned substances:

All our Manuka Performance products are batch tested athlete safe so you can take our products worry free.