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Anti Viral? Read on:

Manuka Honey is globally recognised for its healing properties, but how does it fare up against viruses?

We have received lots of questions about Manuka's effectiveness against Covid-19, the flu and viruses. 


Here is the quick lowdown:


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We all know that manuka honey is nature's wonder food.  Taking manuka honey aids the body's natural health and immune responses.  Lots of research has been done to show manuka honey has very good antibacterial properties. 


However, Influenza (or the "flu") is caused by a virus.  Previous research has shown that Manuka was effective against a range of viruses.  Researchers in Japan undertook further research in 2013 into the effectiveness of honey against influenza.


Researchers' conclusion was that:


"Honey, in general, and particularly Manuka Honey (UMF 15+), has potent inhibitory activity against influenza virus, demonstrating a possible medicinal value".

We should point out of course that the testing was not done on the current strain of influenza virus Covid-19.  More research is needed into how honey inhibits the virus ... and we are not suggesting that you rely solely on honey to protect you from the flu.  but its good to know that taking honey will help your body do it's thing ... naturally.


For a long time, honey in general has been used as a complementary medicine in fighting ailments, sickness and maintaining a healthy immune system.

For more information, you can read the research summary here 



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