Coach's Corner: Purpose with no events!

Coach's Corner: Purpose with no events!

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What would be the purpose of your running if there was no events? That was a question posed to our running group a couple of months back, when everything looked like it had turned to normal here in NZ. Naively, I thought, there's no chance of a second wave of the virus, so running events will still be in my future. The problem was, I found it too difficult to answer the question. 

I'm a goal setter. I also take some time to work with change when I'm not the instigator of it. Otherwise known as stubborn. 

Goals are my motivator. But only when they have a purpose behind them. Deep within us there is always a reason why someone wants to achieve something, whether it's a search for significance or acceptance, certainty or variety. Cloé Madame's says there's two more needs essential for human fulfillment, growth and contribution. We are all searching for something at some level, when we set goals and dreams big.


So why was this question so difficult to answer?


I tried having goals that I used to set when CrossFit didn't exist. Like going to the gym to get fit. I would pay the gym more than my attendance was worth after falling off the wagon shortly after. With no accountability, no real goal behind 'being fit' and no drive to a certain end point. 

I tried goals like keeping a clean house so I didn't have to get to the end of the week and clean in the weekend, Forgetting there was 4 other family members who didn't want to be a part of my goal 🙋🏼‍♀️

What I needed to do was figure out was if I was entering the events to contribute, or to meet a significant need that I didn't know I had. And if the world had no events was the need I was trying to meet through these events going to be met without them? 

This week I've realised it is less about the events, and more about the training and the process I go through in the training. Strip back the medals and the hype and the crowd and I realise my purpose would still be the same. To help others to see they're capable of more than they think, and that we are created to dream big.