We understand athletes and sports, this is where we started it all off. Our team includes a registered nutritionist and researcher, Lillian Morton – who brings decades of High Performance sports and Olympics experience.
We work with Athletes and Teams at all levels from energy and nutrition through to research and industry insights.  Mānuka Performance sits at the forefront of innovative sports science, research and development.



Volleyball is a high intensity game requiring speed and large muscle groups for actions such as jumping, spiking, blocking, and retrieving the ball. These activity patterns are intermittent with pe...
Sports Drinks Science

Sports Drinks Science

Read up on the science behind sports drinks, rehydration, electrolytes and how to easily make your own natural Sports Drink with our Liquidfuel Sports Gels!
The Power of Mānuka Honey

The Power of Mānuka Honey

Different types of carbohydrates consumed during exercise get metabolised at different rates. We now know that if we eat glucose with another form of carbohydrate, e.g., fructose, we can increase t...
paige hourigan manuka performance

What do professional tennis players drink during matches?

Tennis is a demanding, physical sport at the best of times requiring both bodily endurance and mental clarity – especially when getting tired: You become dehydrated easily, sweat out the important ...

We work in collaboration across multiple organisations

Chief medical officer

Dr marc s. stevens, md

FACS, FICS, Fellow of the American Academy, Board Certified Americal Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Dr Marc is our Medical Physician based in North Carolina, USA. With over 20+ years' experience across the board including 15 years in nutrition and nutraceuticals. Marc brings deep understanding and connections throughout all areas of the USA medical scene including research, clinical surveys and partnerships.

chief science officer

lillian morton

PhD (candidate) Medical and Health Sciences. MSc (dis). IOC Sports Nutrition Diploma. ISAK Level 3. NZ Registered Nutritionist.

Lillian comes from decades of working with High Performance Sports NZ, Olympics, Rugby New Zealand continues to specialize in working with high performance athletes. She is a researcher and scientist, developing research methodologies, keynote speaking and more.