Mānuka Honey Sports Gels

Mānuka Honey Sports Gels

Unlike other Mānuka Honey gels on the market, ours contain a whopping 48% Mānuka Honey. The balance is made up of Green Apple juice and salt electrolytes.

Manuka Honey Sports Gels

Other sports gels (including Mānuka Honey gels) containing less than 20% Mānuka Honey, and also add refined sugars to compensate for more carbohydrate energy.

Ours contain only functional ingredients that are pure, natural and clean. Other sports gels even contain added water, not to mention other artificial ingredients, preservatives and flavours. 

This means our Liquidfuel Mānuka Honey Gels provide energy only sourced from natural ingredients, mainly from the honey. Carbohydrate energy from honey is scientifically supported to be better absorbed and utilised by the human body over refined sugars like maltodextrin.

Grab a deal below and find out why professional athletes and active people love Liquidfuel Mānuka Honey Gels: