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Manuka Honey energy gels for Trail Runners

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Natural Energy Gels for Trail Runners, Adventure Racers and Multi Sports. 

Do your current energy gels give you the shits? Literally? Are they versatile & can be mixed with water as well as taken straight? Do they leave a sticky mess in your vest or pocket? How about the taste and mouth feel, not to mention what's actually in them: Maltodextrin, refined sugars, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. 


Enter Manuka Performance Liquidfuel

Trail runner energy

Based in Whakatane, New Zealand - we exist to help athletes be more healthy & help active people be more healthy like athletes. We are passionate about clean, natural health & doing good business that helps athletes, teams & active people achieve their goals.

 manuka performance amazon trail runner

Our Liquidfuel gels are super clean & made with all natural ingredients.

Manuka Honey: Sourced local, energy from honey is science backed to be better utilised by athletes over maltodextrin. Plus it's Manuka so you KNOW it's also super good for you.

Green Apple Juice: Helps make our Liquidfuel more liquid (obviously) & adds to the flavour - sourced from the Hawke's Bay, NZ.

Electrolyte Salts: Sourced from Nelson, we add 3x critical salts to help aid re-hydration. 


Buy from Amazon HERE - Now available in the USA!

Trail running fuel


Manuka Performance is taken by athletes and champion sports people. We are the official Sports Fuel Partner for Tennis New Zealand & sponsor many athletes and high performance NZ sports organisations.

Manuka Performance is perfect for:

  • Trail Runners

  • Triathletes

  • Mountain Bikers

  • Soccer & Football Players

  • Athletics Champions

  • MMA Fighters

  • Hikers & Hunters

  • Cross-fitters & active people