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Does Manuka Honey boost the Immune System?

Manuka Honey is globally recognised for it's natural antibacterial properties along with enzymes which are also beneficial to the immune system.

Manuka has long been recognised for its health boosting properties with plenty of science around it being antibacterial, antomicrobial, anti-inflammatory and some more recent studies into its antiviral properties - read more on the science here.

Probiotics are another common product taken by many to boost their overall gut health, immunity and health in general. More and more science is pointing towards gut health being a major player in our health.

Boost your daily gut health and natural immunity

At Manuka Performance, we have developed an exciting new range of daily nutrition products formulated to help boost your natural health and well-being. This range is called Natural Habits and the products is called Immuno Boost.

manuka performance immuno boost probiotic honey

Made from 100% Natural UMF12 + Manuka honey (high levels of antibacterial properties) we have combined two other super ingredients to give you a powerful, natural health boosting product that's fun and easy to take.

Rewarewa honey is a native to New Zealand and has been shown to have high antioxidant properties. We have mixed Rewarewa honey with our UMF12+ Manuka honey to create a potent blend of natural health boosting goodness.

We have also combined high quality, long-life probiotics into the blend, designed to activate upon entry into the stomach.

Manuka honey immune boosting probiotics


Easy to take anywhere, anytime - just pop it!

Our slick, take anywhere snaps are super convenient and easy to take. Perfect for that busy person who have no time for messy powders, pills or liquids.

Just grab and go. Oh, all our products are batch tested for quality, purity and also tested for WADA prohibited substances, so they are perfect for athletes and professionals too.

Grab some Immuno Boost today: