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UK Women's Cycle Team: Emily Bridson

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One of a few new additions to the existing strong Junior ranks at Admiral Liv AWOL is the 16 year old do-it-all cyclist, Emily Bridson, who currently lives in Jersey, Channel Islands, having island hopped there after moving from the Isle of Man where she lived until she turned 12.

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Emily has been riding a bike for as long as she can remember, starting off with a very successful BMX career, and at only 11 years old she competed for Great Britain at the 2012 UCI BMX World Championships. However, the move to Jersey the following year, where there is no dedicated BMX track put an end to that episode in her career, and so she looked at racing in other cycling disciplines.

Emily Bridson caked
Emily Bridson caked in mud riding for Jersey Cycling Association (photo: Huw Williams)


Post BMX and in Jersey, Emily picked up road racing more after doing a bit in the Isle of Man and then tried a few nationals, with her best result being a 3rd at National Circuit Championships in 2015. She also did National Cyclo-cross series in the winters of 2014 and 2015, and then moved to track for the winter of 2016, but will now be going back to cross!

Emily has had a significant series of good results over the years in Track, Road and Mountain Bike XC, but ultimately suffers from the additional leg of travelling across to mainland UK needed for pretty much any racing. However this has definitely not hampered her cycling enthusiasm and determination and Admiral Liv AWOL are looking forward to having her around this season.

Quoting Emily from her own blog site, she says “I’m excited to see what my years as a junior (and beyond) bring, as I’m hoping to compete more in more different disciplines – such as MTB Enduro – with an amazing new team to be a part of. In the future, I aim pursue my cycling as far as possible as I have a strong love for the sport, the adrenaline and the friends I have made and wish to continue this for as long as I can. I would also love to attend university to study English and/or (Celtic) History as they are my academic passions.”

Emily’s previous teams/clubs include: Jersey Cycling Association JCAYA, Team RL360 Isle of Man

She will be riding on Road, Mountain Bike XC, Mountain Bike Enduro, Cyclo-cross and Track (pretty much everything!) for Admiral Liv AWOL.

Read Emily’s personal blog at EmilyBridsonCycling

Follow Emily on Twitter @ebridders

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