X68 Performance Drops

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Manuka Honey Sports Energy for on the GO!!!

'X68' Performance Drops

Pop a Performance Drop any time you need a boost of energy! Great for Hiking, Sports, Stashing on the boat of taking to the game.

Performance Drops are made with our High Grade UMF15+ Manuka Honey. We have also added Vitamin C to the mix to aid your ongoing health and well-being too. 


  • UMF15+ Manuka Honey

  • No added colour

  • No added flavour

  • No maltodextrin - yes we have to use a corn syrup to even create a drop in the first place, but it's still glucose, which is all good

  • Great tasting, healthy alternative for energy at work or play

  • Stuff a handful in your pocket or keep in your back-pack

  • Great for events and trips

  • Re-purpose our convenient food grade jars for a variety of uses - fully recyclable too

  • Crazy value for money

  • Made in New Zealand