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Numerous studies have shown links between gut health & the immune system, mood, autoimmune disease, mental health, skin conditions, cancer & more.

Taking natural products to help with better gut health is important, we have combined leading Probiotics (no need to be cool-stored) with Manuka Honey & Rewarewa honey. Both of these native honeys are recognised for their health benefits including IBS.


Immuno Boost!

A single use daily honey health gel made from natural ingredients packaged in a convenient, easy to use snap you can take anywhere and simply pop into your mouth, drink or on your food.

Easy, convenient, tasty and super healthy - no mess, no fuss & fun to take. Each 5g daily snap contains:

  • Manuka Honey is globally recognised for its natural properties.
  • Rewarewa Honey another native New Zealand honey, contains high levels of natural antioxidants.
  • Probiotics


You will receive 1 month's supply of Immuno-Boost daily health snaps!

Manuka Performance is a Kiwi company located in Whakatane New Zealand. We specialise creating natural nutrition and sports energy products to help you be more healthy.

Immuno Boost Probiotic Manuka Honey Snaps (7 pack)


Natural Habits Immuno Boost is a food product and not a treatment or cure for any medical disorder or disease. If you have any questions relating to immune or digestive health, you should consult a healthcare professional.