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made by nature. backed by science. trusted by you.

Who We Are

Mānuka Performance is a global manufacturing and export company based in Whakatāne, New Zealand. We sit at the forefront of natural health sciences, combining robust R&D, strong consumer feedback, existing products / trending product pathways across multiple global market segments. As a Māori company innovating in the primary Mānuka sector, Mānuka Performance has positioned itself as the global leader with significant commercialization, scale and positive impacts on consumers worldwide.

Whakaiti: Humility

We enable others and put others first. We work hard behind the scenes and desire to take minimal credit for success but full responsibility for failure. A core principle we believe and act in is based around Level 5 leadership.

"ehara taku toa e te toa takitahi engari he toa takimano" - "My strength is not as an individual but as a collective"

Good people doing good business for good outcomes

From New Zealand to the World

We know where all of our Mānuka Honey comes from - regional specific, harvested, tested and traced by Māori lands trusts and landowners who care and protect our treasured land and what comes from it.

why we exist

To deliver better global health outcomes through accessible, nutritional, science backed products derived from nature. Along this journey we aim to add value across parallel industries and become the global leader in Mānuka Honey based nutraceuticals, science and innovation. A global company taking New Zealand's liquid gold to the world.

Care and attention to detail is crucial. Our state of the art processing facilities take our traced and tested Mānuka Honey on a rigorous journey that exceeds New Zealand's already highly compliant manufacturing legislation.

Regular audits, quality control and certifications are required for us to hold our export levels of production compliance and international standards.

Our team are experts in production, formulation, packaging and supply chain logistics. All of this is to ensure you receive pure, high quality Mānuka Honey products.

vertical integration, global markets, multiple segments




We work deeply alongside multiple government agencies, research institutions and commercial partners throughout our new zealand & global networks