GI-Pro snap by Mānuka Performance

GI-Pro snap by Mānuka Performance

GI-pro snaps are a formulation that contains Mānuka honey (XX%), Rewrewa honey (XX%) and Probiotics (Ganeden BC30 - Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086).
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GI-Pro snap by Mānuka Performance

GI-pro snaps are a formulation that contains Mānuka honey (XX%), Rewrewa honey (XX%) and Probiotics (Ganeden BC30 - Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086). Ganeden BC30 has been approved for high level health claims for digestive health. Australian and New Zealand food regulators publish probiotic claims (

GI-pro meet the following criteria of a dietary supplement in the Dietary Supplements Regulations (1986):

Meaning of dietary supplement

(1)In these regulations, dietary supplement means something to which subclauses (2) to (6) apply.

(2)It is an amino acid, edible substance, herb, mineral, synthetic nutrient, or vitamin.

(3)It is sold by itself or in a mixture.

(4)It is sold in a controlled dosage form as a liquid, powder, or tablet (which might be described on the label as a cachet, capsule, lozenge, or pastille instead of as a tablet).

(5)It is intended to be ingested orally.

(6)It is intended to supplement the amount of the amino acid, edible substance, herb, mineral, synthetic nutrient, or vitamin normally derived from food.


Labelling Requirements

Every package and container containing a dietary supplement shall, unless otherwise provided in these regulations, bear a label that includes the following:

  1. the common name of the dietary supplement, or a description (other than the brand name of the dietary supplement) sufficient to indicate the true nature of the dietary supplement, or a description of the dietary supplement including the common names of its principal ingredients:

While the effects of GI-pro have not been researched, human and in vitro trials have been conducted with Bacillus coagulans (the probiotic in the GI-pro snap formulation).



Clinical trials of relevance to the current manuka honey and Ganeden BC30 formulation are:

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