Common Orthopedic Conditions Often Ignored

Common Orthopedic Conditions Often Ignored

Two very common painful conditions of the hand are Carpal tunnel and trigger fingers.  Nearly 1 in 5 people will experience either of these conditions in their lifetime.
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 Common Orthopedic Conditions Often Ignored


Sparta, NC – August 29, 2023 -, Two very common painful conditions of the hand are Carpal tunnel and trigger fingers.  Nearly 1 in 5 people will experience either of these conditions in their lifetime.  Carpal tunnel presents with pain and numbness in the hand.  Usually patients experience night pain or pain with driving.  The numbness or tingling originates primarily in the thumb, index and long finger.  These symptoms may be mild or severe.  The underlying cause of these symptoms is compression of the median nerve across the wrist.  Treatment is simple requiring either an injection or surgical release.  Carpal tunnel surgery is quick involving an incision ¼ of an inch and recovery is one week.  Patient’s report immediate decrease in pain and increase in sensation.  The unfortunate reality is many patients will ignore their symptoms for months or even years.  This can result in permanent injury to the nerve where even surgery may not bring full recovery.  So, if you are experiencing pain or numbness in your hand or hands early evaluation may prevent long term damage.  Trigger fingers are very similar, but instead of nerve compression the tendon is compressed through a pulley at the bottom of the finger.  This compression causes pain with movement of the finger, and may even result in locking.  Again, this is easily treated with either an injection or surgical release through a tiny incision. Recovery is less than a week, and success rates are nearly 100 percent.  

Both conditions are very common and can be very painful.  These are conditions that are easily treated, and should not be ignored as they can lead to permanent complications. 


Marc Stevens, MD, FACS, FICS is an orthopedic physician with over 20 years of clinical experience. Dr. Stevens’ expertise lies within the surgical and non-surgical management of musculoskeletal conditions of the upper and lower extremities, as well as the spine. Some of these conditions include but are not limited to carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, fractures of the upper and lower extremity. Dr. Stevens believes in a complete and integrative approach to medicine, utilizing surgery as a last resort. He incorporates regenerative medicine, such as,  platelet-rich plasma therapy and nonsurgical restorative techniques. He also works in collaboration with top physicians and scientists to optimize overall health and well-being through nutrition and supplementation. He is now performing surgery here at home in Alleghany.

  “Patients are often reluctant to see an orthopedic surgeon because they believe the only options will be surgery. The good news is most conditions can be treated without surgery.  It is easier to put out small fires than big ones.  I hear patients say everyday they wish they had come in sooner.  Let us help you get back to all you want to do.” 

Marc S Stevens MD, FACS, FICS


Dr. Marc Stevens completed his undergraduate degree at Colorado State University and medical school at Creighton University.  He served as Medical Director and Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences. Dr. Stevens currently treats patients at Hugh Chatham Health – Orthopedics, Elkin, NC.

Hugh Chatham Health offers orthopedic and rehabilitation services in Elkin, Mt. Airy, and Sparta, North Carolina. To request an appointment at Hugh Chatham Health - Orthopedics, call 336-526- 4500 or visit ***

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Author: Dr Marc S. Stevens, MD - Chief Medical Officer Manuka Performance

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