Yes, we know they're tight!

Yes, we know they're tight!

Why our Liquidfuel caps are tight, and what's the best way to prep for race-day.

Honey is the greatest escape artist. Where there is a will there is a way and honey will find any excuse to end up where it shouldn't. We know this because we operate a UMF Certified Manuka Honey factory, exporting premium products around the world. 

The last thing anyone wants is a sticky mess upon opening a box of product. Except maybe if you're an ant!

To ensure you get the best possible quality product, all our Liquidfuel pouches come with an anti-tamper ring on the cap. This is super tight. We exercise caution to prevent honey from running away - sorry bad double dad joke right there.

Manuka Performance Liquidfuel cap

The best bet is to grip your super strong mitts at the base of the spout and twist the cap of with gritted teeth. Your second best option is to pick off the anti-tamper ring with your finger-nail or handy suitable object. 

Liquid Fuel cap ring

Obviously having a resealable cap is pretty cool; a lot of athletes have told us how great this is. No more folded pouches oozing in your pockets. If you are taking a bunch of pouches on the go, pull all the rings of first so they are good to go. 

Another handy suggestion is mixing a pouch of Liquidfuel into your hydration - it mixes really easy and tastes bloody good!

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