Running Nutrition for Manuka Performance

Running Nutrition for Manuka Performance

Running Nutrition for Manuka Performance

Sports nutritionists generally recommend 30-60g carbs per hour during medium to intensive exercise.

In addition, research has shown that carbohydrate intake of 1.5g carbohydrates per kg body-weight immediately post exercise and a further 1.5g/kg after 2 hours improves post exercise recovery.

A blend of 2 or 3 carbohydrates improves re-hydration (eg: fructose and glucose).

It’s important to properly hydrate as part of taking carbohydrate mineral replacements.  Optimal dilution is 200ml per 12g of carbohydrates.

Running Nutrition

Running Speed/hour


8 km

8.0 kcal

10 km

10.0 kcal

11 km

11.0 kcal

12 km

12.0 kcal

15 km

15.0 kcal

18 km

18.0 kcal


For example, a 70kg person's nutrition requirements would roughly be:

Cycling at 20km/hr for 1 hours = 560kcal

Heavy Fitness for 60 minutes = 630kcal

Running at 12km/hr for 60 minutes = 840kcal


Where Manuka Performance's Liquid Fuel excels:

Approx. 77g of carb / 100g

Approx. 40% fructose

Approx 30% glucose

GI 55 – moderate GI


Manuka Honey provides a unique and highly beneficial running nutrition. It's full of the right natural carbohydrates and energy. Manuka Performance Liquid Fuel is that perfect option - all natural and no added sugars.