Natural Gels & Energy for MMA Fighters

Natural Gels & Energy for MMA Fighters

In fighting, every 1% advantage counts. MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and martial art / combat sports all require focused attention, power and physical stamina to maintain that intense competitive edge.

Kevin Joussett MMA fighter UFC fighter

Above: Manuka Performance sponsored fighter Kevin Jousset

If you're competing, you already know the importance of nutrition, diet, training and discipline. What you put in your body counts just as much as what you put your body through in both training and on fight day.

Manuka Performance Liquidfuel gels are used by more and more MMA fighters for a variety of important reasons:

  • All Natural Ingredients - don't fill your body with refined sugars, preservatives or crap. 
  • Manuka Honey Power - Made in New Zealand from our globally recognized native honey - known for it's healing properties. And hey, New Zealand are known for our top MMA fighters too!
  • Versatile Product - Take straight from the pouch or mix with water - Liquidfuel energizes, re-hydrates (contains electrolytes) and aids in recovery.
  • Athlete Safe - All our products are batch tested to comply with WADA anti-doping regulations, Liquidfuel is certified prohibited substance free.
  • Great natural taste and easy on the stomach (unlike other gels)
  • Science backed nutrition - better absorbed and utilized by the body than maltodextrin (artificial sugar) based products

Kevin Joussett

Above: Manuka Performance sponsored fighter Kevin Jousset

How does this all help you? Our fighters will happily tell you that our products work, provide that competitive edge and are a small yet very important part of helping them be the best fighters they can be.

Brad Ramsey UFC MMA fighter

Above: Manuka Performance sponsored fighter Brad Wolfman Ramsey

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