Honey: An alternative sports gel

Honey: An alternative sports gel

A Study by the University of Memphis on the performance gained by endurance cyclists.

Honey: An alternative sports gel

Manuka Performance sports gel

Test on 9 endurance cyclists to determine honey and dextrose gel vs placebo.

Results showed improved performance when cyclists ingested honey or dextrose gels vs placebo.  There was also noticeable increase in power output.  There were no observable differences in insulin levels.

"It is well known that ingesting carbohydrates prior to and during endurance exercise can improve performance capacity. The primary means of enhancing carbohydrate availability prior to exercise has been by ingesting carbohydrate-rich snacks, whereas the ingestion of sports drinks (glucose/electrolyte solutions) has been shown to enhance carbohydrate availability during exercise.

Ingesting carbohydrates and protein within 2 hours following exercise (e.g., 1.5 g/kg carbohydrate and 0.5 g/kg protein) has been reported to increase glycogen resynthesis and protein synthesis, promote a more optimal anabolic hormonal environment, and improve immune function."

Source: Strength and Conditional Journal - Study by University of Memphis