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Coach's Corner: Destination

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Some days I think I don't have much of a right to share my experiences on running. It actually takes a lot for me to get into a space where I can convince myself that because I run, I'm a runner. 

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Over time, the experiences I have had through CrossFit and running a couple of ultra marathons have given me an understanding of what some people go through during training and even in the event itself.
But I still feel incredibly unqualified. As if somehow I haven't quite done enough - what exactly would be enough and how will I know when I get there?

One part of our journey is realising that what we think is our destination, is actually becoming a launching pad for our next goal or dream. Another thing is trying to figure out where  the negative voices come from that are trying to stop us getting there. 

When I think about the goals I have had for different stages in my life, each time I have achieved one, I realise that it is only filling my kete, and I have more value to add to it. It reminds me to take the time to dream bigger and think about going further than I've gone before (and not just running!). Easier to think of, and harder really, to believe and put into action. 
Running and CrossFit has become a platform for me to transparently share my life with others and the experiences I have had, with the advantage of connecting it all back to encouraging others to live out the best version of themselves. 
Running weaves me in and out of opportunities to connect with others. Running brings together a community that might not have otherwise met. CrossFit instills in me a knowledge that we are all capable of achieving some thing. We don't have to be standing on podiums to be a person of influence. Sometimes the greatest position of influence comes when we are out on the trail doing the hard yards and allowing the actions to speak for themselves.

How can you align yourself today to influence others through taking one step closer to chasing your dreams?