Big News: UK U23 Women's Race Team Nutrition Sponsor

Big News: UK U23 Women's Race Team Nutrition Sponsor

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We are beyond stoked to be partnering with Liv AWOL SPOK'D Under 23 Women's Race Team from the UK.

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The cycling scene in the UK and Europe is huge and when the time comes to move on from youth racing, most cycling clubs are not set up to fully support and develop the needs of young female riders facing the challenges of adult racing: The transition from solo to more team-based sports and in these early years being able to deal with both the demands of cycling, education at school and beyond.

To fill this gap and provide an opportunity for Junior and Under 23 women riders who have experienced riding at the higher levels of the UK youth cycling scene, Liv Giant and AWOL London provided significant support to establish our first team in 2017.

Alongside new sponsors SPOK’D and several other key sponsors, going into the our third season, the team will be known as “Liv AWOL SPOK’D”. With a further expansion in team numbers, depth and age, we’re very excited about the future development and success of team.

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The team is managed by Directeur Sportif (DS), Patrick Hayes, and features riders who have established track records across various cycling disciplines during their youth careers. Those disciplines include road, track, cyclocross, mountain biking and time-trial, and the riders between them have had much success over the years. Our aim is to help them continue to achieve their potential and fulfill their dreams among a close-knit, supportive team framework.

The inaugural 2017 season was challenging, with racing at home and across Europe in both junior and adult races the team saw limited podium success. However with team expansion for 2018, new sponsors, Admiral Liv AWOL were included in almost all of the prestigious women’s bike races across the UK, Belgium and Holland, becoming recognized and respected as a contending women’s team.

Now with further growth and new sponsors Spok’d alongside existing sponsors Liv and AWOL London, the team is positioned to field strong teams across all the races they compete in, while developing and supporting the riders on and off their bikes.

Check out the team's website, and we will be bringing you more of their stories, successes and events throughout the years to come. 

This is significantly cool for Manuka Performance! We are very passionate about supporting young athletes and aspiring teams to do well. These ladies are promoting some awesome initiatives we are very much behind, including mental health awareness in athletes.