Erin Routliffe US Open Tennis Player

Erin Routliffe! Manuka Performance Athlete Ambassador

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Erin Routliffe Manuka Performance US Open

On the journey of her professional tennis career, Erin Routliffe is a keen, driven, and passionate young woman. She has the experience and skills necessary to succeed on a global stage while proudly representing New Zealand. 

Erin was born in Auckland, New Zealand and moved to Canada two years prior to beginning her tennis career at the age of six. At 10 years old, Erin began to pursue tennis as a competitive sport and thus started the beginning of an accolade of achievements. Erin was asked to join and train with the National Training Center out of Montreal, Quebec in January 2012. Erin competed at the highest level on a global stage including frequent ventures through North and South America, and Europe, as well as Australia, earning multiple wins along the way.

Erin Routliffe Tennis Professional Sports Energy

The decision was made in the Spring of 2013 to pursue a collegiate career to develop and elevate her level of play. With multiple offers to choose from, the school that gave Erin the ability to foresee a professional career via reputation, resources, and playing opportunities post-graduation was the University of Alabama. With multiple national championships wins and appearances, multiple all-American honours, and an accolade of student-athlete academic awards, Erin made history in Alabama. On the professional circuit, Erin has garnered 14 titles and recently made the third round of the US Open. She is now continuing on her professional career, with multiple Grand Slam appearances ahead and a current ranking of 56.

Erin Routliffe Tennis Player

Career Achievements

  • Winner of 14 Professional Doubles Titles

  • Round of 16 US Open 2021

  • Palermo WTA 2021 winner

  • Runner up at Luxembourg, Ostrava, and Washington WTA

  • Current Ranking: 56