20 Pack of Liquidfuel Gels

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Energy boosting Sports Gels. Natural ingredients, athlete safe, great tasting, science backed & versatile. 

Supercharge your workout, race or game. Longer energy, better on the stomach, good for your health & 100% New Zealand made.

Save on our 20x pack

    • 100% ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Easy on the stomach, great tasting energy gels packed with globally recognised Manuka Honey energy.

    • SCIENCE BACKED - High performance glucose & fructose energy is better utilised by the athletes' body (Read the Science Here)

    • RE-HYDRATES & ENERGIZES - Packed with the right amounts of electrolytes to help maintain re-hydration alongside superior energy release before / during activity & better post recovery

    • EASY TO USE no leak pouch design, resealable and stash anywhere - take straight from the pouch of mix with water. Pre remove the anti tamper rings before use

    • ATHLETE SAFE - Batch tested for WADA banned substances by an independent laboratory

    • MADE IN NEW ZEALAND - products you can trust


    20 Pack of Liquidfuel Gels

     Sports Energy

    20 Pack of Liquidfuel Gels

    Official Sports Fuel Partner for Tennis New Zealand!

     Liquidfuel 10 pack - Natural Sports GelsMade with care new zealand20 Pack of Liquidfuel Gels

    We sponsor top performing athletes who compete across a wide range of sporting disciplines both here in New Zealand and around the world. Weekend warriors & lifestylers enjoy the natural energy Manuka Performance gives, We sponsor and support a range of young athlete academies, teams and events around the country. Our Liquidfuel gels are being trialed and liked from sports to health care, commercial, service & emergency personnel.