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Grab 20x of our famous Liquidfuel Energy Gels, a jar of X68 Performance Drops and our NEW silicone race cup and flask. 

Liquidfuel: 20x 45g resealable pouches of all natural science backed energy made from globally renowned Manuka Honey. Packed with electrolytes, Liquidfuel energizes, re-hydrates and aids in your recovery. 

Our X68 Performance Drops are a great energy burst for anytine - contains Vitamin-C. Take before, during or after training to keen your blood-sugar levels up. Also perfect for a healthy alternative pick-me-up during the day.

Made in Whakatane, New Zealand, Liquidfuel gels are WADA batch tested to be athlete safe, taste great and can be mixed with water of taken straight from the pouch.

Being all natural ingredients, they are great on the stomach and are taken by professional athletes, committed amateurs and weekend warriors alike.

Pack includes:

20x 45g Liquidfuel pouches

1x X68 Performance drops jar

1x 200ml Manuka Performance silicone reusable running cup

1x 500ml Manuka Performance silicone reusable soft flask