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Boost your Sports Energy & Recovery the natural way with high performance Manuka Honey products! Science backed energy & nutrition to help you gain that competitive advantage.

Athletes are loving our natural energy gels & nutrition products! High performance, long lasting energy coupled with natural health benefits.

Grab our pack and get an amazing selection of sports energy and health products to boost your performance! Plus a FREE pack of Immuno Boost Snaps!

Liquidfuel: Nature's Energy Gel (box of 10)

100% ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Easy on the stomach, great tasting energy gels packed with globally recognised Manuka Honey energy.

SCIENCE BACKED - High performance glucose & fructose energy is better utilised by the athletes' body

RE-HYDRATES & ENERGIZES - Packed with the right amounts of electrolytes to help maintain re-hydration alongside superior energy release before / during activity & better post recovery

EASY TO USE no leak pouch design, resealable and stash anywhere - take straight from the pouch of mix with water. Pre remove the anti tamper rings before use

ATHLETE SAFE - Batch tested for WADA banned substances by an independent laboratory

MADE IN NEW ZEALAND - products you can trust

You get: 10x 45 gram pouches of all natural sports energy gels. Formulated with the help of Sport's leading nutritionists and backed by New Zealand's top food research institutes. 


X68 Performance Drops

Performance Drops are made with our High Grade UMF15+ Manuka Honey. We have also added Vitamin C to the mix to aid your ongoing health and well-being too. 

  • UMF15+ Manuka Honey

  • No added colour

  • No added flavour

  • No maltodextrin

  • Great tasting, healthy alternative for energy at work or play

  • Stuff a handful in your pocket or keep in your back-pack

  • Great for events and trips

  • Re-purpose our convenient food grade jars for a variety of uses - fully recyclable too

  • Made in New Zealand

Grab this Sports Athlete Pack and receive a FREE gift! A 10 day supply of our NEW Immuno Boost Probiotic gut health snaps!

Sports Athlete Pack

Summer Sizzler Energy & Rehydration - Save & get a FREE gift!

Summer Sizzler Energy & Rehydration - Save & get a FREE gift!

 Summer Sizzler Energy & Rehydration - Save & get a FREE gift!

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nick c.
New Zealand New Zealand
Always Good!

Love both of these products. Nice to have some fresh energy drops. I use both of these products a few times a week for both road and mountain biking. I would recommend to anyone! Nice taste, easy on the stomach and they do what you expect. Great product, glad I found these and am now into my fourth lot of gels and second lot of drops. Awesome!!

Crawford R.
New Zealand New Zealand
Product ✅ Packaging ❌

The products seem really good. Love the natural alternative for an on the go energy supplement. The idea of the drops seems really good too, however the amount of plastic wrapping is shameful. Every single drop is individually wrapped. Not good enough for a Kiwi company I’m sorry…

david h.
New Zealand New Zealand
Performance gels

Love these but need a bit more slow release energy and electrolytes to supplement (and combat the sweetness)

Ann P.
New Zealand New Zealand
Great service, and gotta love NZ made!

After seeking a less costly option to experiment with gels for running, I was so pleased to find this product. It's always nice to find NZ made products, and it was a bonus getting to try the two products in this offer for the price of only the gels. The drops are nice although I did find them quite difficult to consume during running. They'll get eaten but I won't order these again, however the gels are amazing. They're quite sweet and strong, so I've found that taking small sips now and then is good, and the pouches having caps that can be removed and then put back on is fantastic! I'd tried a couple of other gels that proved difficult to open while moving, but these Liquid Fuel gels are great, both for the gel and for the ease of opening and closing them. I do like these gels and will definitely buy again.

Grant m.
New Zealand New Zealand
Great product

Great service and product is great