Natural Energy Gels Liquidfuel 20 Pack

Be more healthy with our natural energy gels: 20x 45g pouches of high performance Manuka Honey goodness!

Take straight from the pouch or mix with your water for a no fuss, great tasking energy drink that energizes, re-hydrates, recovers and is proudly made here in New Zealand from all natural ingredients

  • 100% Natural ingredients 

  • High performance, science backed glucose & fructose energy from Manuka Honey

  • Zingy natural flavor to kick you into high gear 

  • Full of natural enzymes, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants

  • Three natural electrolytes to aid hydration

  • No bad stomach issues, great natural taste
  • Easy to use no leak pouch design, resealable and stash anywhere

  • Made right here in New Zealand

  • WADA prohibited substance FREE

  • Official Sports Fuel Partner for Tennis New Zealand!

Athletes around the world are raving about the natural goodness and performance our Liquid Fuel gels provide. Enhanced recovery, natural ingredients, great taste and athlete safe.

Order yours today and notice the difference!

Are you a competitor? Do you want to win? M+ Liquid Fuel is an elite natural sports energy gel made from 100% Pure Manuka Honey. The hint of apple cleanses the mouth and tingles the senses – keeping you focused and alert.


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No time to lose!
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"I've tried many, many energy products over the years, and Manuka Performance is BY FAR the best. Absolutely delicious, easy to get down, quality ingredients and gives you a great hit of energy."
Jenna Rowe
Manuka Performance exceeded my expectations! It gives an amazing slow release energy boost that helps me to be more alert when riding. When we are racing at 200+ km/hr you need to be on the ball.
Shane Richardson
Best natural energy fuel source I've ever tried. The Liquid Fuel gels go down easy during a run and the Body Restore is so good for recovery!
Allysia Kraakman

Liquid Fuel Sports Gels

We know the honey game. Natural enzymes in Manuka Honey are scientifically backed to provide better energy utilisation for the athlete body. All natural ingredients mean it's good for you, great tasting and better on the stomach. Convenient, easy to use, mix with water or take straight from the pouch. Athletes around the world are switching to Manuka Performance!