Mānuka Health Pack

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Boost your health and recovery this winter with our Mānuka Health Pack. 

Liquidfuel Gels

Packed with Mānuka Honey, Green Apple juice & Electrolytes, these gels provide natural energy, hydration and soothing a sore throat. Perfect to help boost your body's natural healing properties and wellbeing. Sip straight fro the pouch or mix with your favorite hot drink.


Natural Mānuka Honey designed to be taken daily (1 teaspoonful) to help boost your natural health and wellness. 

Globally recognised for its natural healing properties, Mānuka has been used for centuries by Māori for it various natural properties. 

At Manuka Performance, we have been harnessing these properties and the extensive scientific backing to produce a range of natural, game changing energy boosting, health & wellness product for athletes, active lifestylers and everyday people wanting to be more healthy. 

Science backed, batch tested and trusted by professionals and amateurs across New Zealand and around the World. 

Pack contains:

20x Liquidfuel Gels

1x 500g jar of Bodyfuel Mānuka Honey