A Runners' guide to using Mānuka Performance

A Runners' guide to using Mānuka Performance

How many gels should you take in a long run?

Sports nutritionists generally recommend 30-60g carbs per hour during medium to intensive exercise.

In addition, research has shown that carbohydrate intake of 1.5g carbohydrates per kg body-weight immediately post exercise and a further 1.5g/kg after 2 hours improves post exercise recovery.

A blend of 2 or 3 carbohydrates improves re-hydration (eg: fructose and glucose).

It’s important to properly hydrate as part of taking carbohydrate mineral replacements.  Optimal dilution is 200ml per 12g of carbohydrates.

Running Nutrition

Running Speed/hour


8 km

8.0 kcal

10 km

10.0 kcal

11 km

11.0 kcal

12 km

12.0 kcal

15 km

15.0 kcal

18 km

18.0 kcal


For example, a 70kg person's nutrition requirements would roughly be:

Cycling at 20km/hr for 1 hour = 560kcal

Heavy Fitness for 60 minutes = 630kcal

Running at 12km/hr for 60 minutes = 840kcal


Where Mānuka Performance Liquid Fuel excels:

Approx. 77g of carb / 100g

Approx. 40% fructose

Approx 30% glucose

GI 55 – moderate GI

  • All natural Ingredients - no nasties to upset the stomach.
  • Liquidfuel's carbohydrate is made up from the ideal blend of fructose and glucose - made by nature!
  • Liquidfuel contains the right balance of electrolytes to aid hydration.
  • Mānuka honey contains Honey carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, fatty acids, and bioactive phenolic and flavonoid phytochemicals. Flavonoids and phenolics are secondary metabolites of plants and plant products that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, protect cardiovascular health, and promote healthy immune function. Mānuka honey contains unique components that other honey does not, which increases its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and is why Mānuka honey has been studied in detail for its medicinal properties.
  • Find out more about the unique properties of Mānuka honey here.

The answer is:

Moderate to High exercise: Use 1x Liquidfuel Gel pouch every 30 minutes

  • Take straight from the pouch or,
  • Mix into your hydration / water reservoir (approx 2 pouches mixed per 1 liter of water consumer per hour)  

Low to Moderate exercise: Use 1x Liquidfuel Gel pouch per hour

  • Take straight from the pouch or as desired

Remember - this is a guide only, albeit informed by nutritionists and our own applied sports nutritionist.